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Selling iPhone can be a good way of making money that you can use in buying the latest iPhone model. However, since that are many people selling their iPhones, you need to know how to sell your iPhone in a way that attracts more buyers. If you do not do the selling carefully, you will have the advert for your phone online without getting interested prospects. This is why you need to study a guide on how to sell your iPhone once you have made a decision to sell your device.

Unlock or jailbreak your iPhone

Unlocked and jailbroken iPhones usually sell more. This is because they allow people to use them from any network and region. As such, more people are interested in iPhones that have been jailbroken or unblocked. Therefore, to get the best deal on your iPhone, make sure that it is unblocked or jailbroken. This way, you will attract more prospects and sell your device faster. You will also get a better deal for your device.

Craft a good listing

What you tell prospects in the listing of your iPhone is very important. People are not going to spend money on a device that they do not know much about. Therefore, come up with a listing that reassures bidders that you are selling a device that is in a reasonable condition. Also reassure them that your deal is trustworthy and you will deliver what you are advertising.

Accompany your listing with photographs

To make good amount of money by selling iPhone, make sure that your listing is accompanied by photos. Photos will enable prospects to see what exactly they will be paying for. It also gives them confidence that you are actually telling the truth in your listing. Therefore, make sure that you have included the latest photos and take them in good lighting. Also photograph the iPhone against a black background and take photos that reveal the iPhone from different angles. Make the description of your iPhone reveal or explain what is indicated by the photos.

Describe damage accurately

If your iPhone has damage, describe it accurately. This will ensure that prospects see that you are telling the truth. It will also enable prospective buyers to determine what it can cost them to repair the damage. Nevertheless, do not focus on the damage because this might paint a bad picture of your device. Just emphasize on the selling points of your device.

Offer bonus

You can include an offer while selling your iPhone. For instance, you can offer a bonus gift to your buyer. This will distinguish you from the other sellers. It will also increase your chances of getting the best bids for your iPhone. An offer or bonus can be anything including a portable battery, an iPhone case or ven a vehicle mount.

Generally, selling your iPhone online requires knowledge, skills and research. You need to know what prospective buyers of iPhones look for. This will enable you to know exactly what to offer buyers when selling iPhone.

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